Ever decreasing circles!

It’s been crazy-mad-silly-busy here over the last three months. So much happening socially, domestically, workwise, writing-wise and we’ve both had health problems. Some days I get up and spin around in circles for a few minutes trying to decide what to do first. 🙂

But slowly, slowly things are getting under control and I’m now racing against time to finish the manuscript of Swallows and Robins by the 15th of this month.

After weeks of horrible heat and drought, we finally found time to get away for three days in the caravan, with the dogs, our first holiday for – crikey, I can’t even remember when. Some years at least. And the funny thing was that having prayed for rain for all those long, hot, dry, sticky weeks, we got (sorry, Mrs. Ling, I know “got” is a forbidden word, but I felt a bit rebellious just then) it for the three days we went away! It was like living in a car wash. The rain beat and lashed and slashed and hammered onto the awning and van, but very obligingly it stopped twice daily so that we could take the dogs for some wonderful walks through the forests and fields. They loved exploring new places, and even met a gang of new friends. And as soon as we got had returned home, the rain stopped. 😀

Despite the weather we really did enjoy the break, and in fact it made it even more relaxing because we didn’t feel we had to go out and do anything. Sitting cosily reading all day – it wasn’t at all cold – punctuated by the aforesaid walks and some rather good meals that I created – was very refreshing.

And while I was away, Stephanie at Blackbird Digital Books had been in collusion with the amazing David Lewis (check out his website, marvel at his talent, note that he has worked for THE QUEEN), resulting in:

Swanking (don’t see that word much these days, do we?), me? Never. 😀

Anybody who has read it will recognise the significance of the cuckoo and the boxer dog!


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