Here is a question for F1 fans.

Where does your loyalty lie – with a particular team, or with a particular driver?

If the driver and team part company, who will you support?

Of course I’m talking McLaren and Hamilton. It’s beginning to look more and more probable that they will split. Personally I’ll be very disappointed if this happens, but after his dejected appearance after winning Monza Hamilton is obviously not at all a happy man.

For me he’s still the most exciting driver in the game; but I’ve been a McLaren fan for more than 20 years.

If he moves to Mercedes, what then?

Any other McLaren/Hamilton fans facing a similar dilemma?

Lewis, if for no other reason than to make my life easier, please stay where you are. 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Dilemma

  1. My watching of Grand Prix racing goes a long way back. My hero, the late Jim Clark was, for me and many others, the greatest driver and had he not died so tragically early would hold all the records. In those days I went every year to the British Grand Prix which alternated between Brands Hatch and Silverstone. We used to park right up by the picket fence a few yards from the track edge and climb onto the roof of the car for a better view.

    After the race the winner’s car was put on a trailer along with the driver and they did a lap of honour. Somewhere in an old cardboard box there are black and white photos of a smiling Jim and his Lotus car.

    Couldn’t afford to go nowadays!

    While I agree Hamilton is one hell of a driver I don’t warm to him. Button and Di Resta are more to my liking.

    I think Hamilton will leave in order to give himself more of a brand – a la Beckham – and Mercedes is a much better prospect for that. It’s a name known by everyone not just petrolheads.

    Given all that I will still be behind Maclaren just as I used to be a Lotus man and hope they replace Hamilton with Di Resta to make it even more enjoyable.

  2. I go for the drivers not the teams. I love JB and Paul Di Resta and Damon Hill has always been a fave of mine. Hamilton doesn’t do it for me,dunno why. I think it must be hard being in a team with JB who never seems to put a foot wrong when it comes to PR.

  3. I’ve been a fan of Hamilton since he first arrived on the scene with that tremendous boyish enthusiasm, and I thought he carried himself well under difficult circumstances, having, as he does, and as we all know he does, an extra hurdle to leap. To me he is outstandingly the most exciting driver to watch. However, it has seemed recently that he is veering too far towards celebrity status – the earrings and chinstrap beard, not nice – and I’m not interested in celebrities. I just want to see him drive. My guess is that he has been put under huge pressure from all those who have vested interest in him (i.e. stand to make a fortune off him), and that things haven’t gone as well as they might at McLaren (all those early wheel-change disasters), which has tipped the balance. He has obviously been uncomfortable for some time now and I’ve not enjoyed seeing his long face. It can’t be just for money that he’s left, he already earns more than anybody could ever need.

    I am frankly astonished that this has all happened mid-season. What does he do for the rest of the season? Drive the wheels off the McLaren and prove to himself that he has the best car and to them that they have/had the best driver? Or just coast through until the end not caring what happens? Appalling timing.

    Having failed for 3-years to deliver a car good enough to enable MS to win a single race – perhaps underlining that he never was quite as good as he thought he was -, will Mercedes be able to get Hamilton the wins for a second championship? Big gamble for him. If they don’t, what then?

    I wish him well and hope he’s made a good career move that will bring him motor racing rewards,, not just a global name to stick on trainers and sweatshirts.

    It will be fun to see what Perez can do with the McLaren, and it’s certainly going to make next season interesting.

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