Oriental ingenuity

This is clever. How to neatly separate an egg yolk from the white using a plastic bottle.



6 thoughts on “Oriental ingenuity

  1. I’m not trying that….I can see it now, egg yolk broken while I wrestle with the bottle and give vent to much foul language.
    I wash my hands and break the egg into one of them, so that the white runs through my fingers, then i can run a finger round the shell to extract the white remaining while the yolk is safely in its bowl.

  2. A friend sent this to me, it’s ingenious but I’m not sure it isn’t easier just to break she shell in half and tip the yolk from one to the other. it doesn’t often break – and when it does the doogs have a treat.

  3. I agree that (if you have steady hands) it’s just as easy to do it either Helen’s way, or Victoria’s. But I enjoy watching the yellow bit being swallowed up and spat out by the bottle. 🙂

    Glad that it worked for you, Ruth Deborah, and nice to see you around!

  4. I too am a “do it through your fingers” person but as a party trick I thought it was great. But faffing about like that for 6, 8 or a dozen eggs would drive me to distraction.

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