Do not poison your dog

A few days ago author and animal-lover Marshal Zeringue very kindly featured Tally and Dobby on his blog, Coffee with a Canine. It’s a super blog to read about different breeds of dogs from Affenpinschers to Yorkiepoos, and their owners.

Marshal’s other blog, Campaign for the American Reader aims to encourage more readers to read more books. It features an eclectic selection of titles ranging from Nelson Mandela’s autobiography to the top five books on seafood cookery. Among the intriguing entries are: Ten Fantastic Novels with Disappointing Endings,  Five Top Books about the Olympics, and Five Best Novels with Vengeful Women, as well as author interviews and reviews. An excellent resource for any reader looking for inspiration on what to read next. I’m hooked already.

The title of Coffee with a Canine reminded me to repeat a warning I blogged about four years ago – the danger of giving chocolate to dogs. It won’t necessarily kill them – but it could. Really, it’s not a risk worth taking, is it? And it isn’t the only foodstuff that shouldn’t be fed to our canine friends. Amongst other potentially harmful/fatal foods are onions and members of the onion family including garlic; coffee; macadamia nuts; alcohol; yeast dough; the artificial sweetener Xylitol often found in sweets and chewing gum; human foods past their best, which may be rotting and contain botulism and other toxins; and fruit seeds and pits, most particularly grapes, raisins, apples, plums, cherries and peaches.

One of our Hungarian Vizslas loved fruit, and used to forage for apples, grapes, walnuts and plums from our garden. He began having fits that would leave him rigid for about three minutes, after which he would recover. The vet could never find the cause, because I could never get him to the surgery during one of the fits because they were over so quickly. I did not connect them with his scrumping activities.

I used to love watching him hunting on the ground, his tail wagging furiously whenever he found fallen fruit. How I wish I had known then what it was doing to him. He eventually died of cancer of the liver and pancreas which in hindsight I believe was probably caused by his love of fruit and eating the pips, which contain cyanide.

We have another Vizsla now, and food is his passion. All food, any food. It’s hard to resist his soulful expression, his “That’s my favourite food of all time, how can you refuse me?” expression. But resist it we do, now, being older and wiser.

You can read more details on the effect of the “danger foods” above at this site:   Toxic foods for dogs. And here is an alarmingly long list of potential poisons: Dog poisons

And dog lovers, why not visit Coffee with a Canine and see if your favourite breed has been featured?



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4 thoughts on “Do not poison your dog

    • Ruth Deborah, what are you waiting for? Email the blog and offer them an interview, I am certain they’d love to add a Leonberger to the list, as well as another author. 🙂

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