Big smile 2 all readers for putting 3 of my titles in top 25 French travel on #Kindle #travel


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  1. Your very welcome love your books. Will Two Steps Backward be coming out on kindle? I live in the states in Rhode Island and there are not many book stores. I would love to read it.
    Best Wishes

  2. Hi Jane, Thanks so much for your visit and for your very kind comments. I’m hoping that Two Steps Backward will eventually come out on Kindle. I am waiting to have the rights back from the publishers so that it can be converted to Kindle and republished by Blackbird Digital Books. At the moment it’s only available in paperback, and do have some used copies for sale.

    By the way, my paternal grandfather came from Providence, Rhode Island. 🙂

    Kindest regards.

    • Hi Susie, It is a pleasure to hear from you. Thank you so much for the info on Two Steps Backward I was able to order it on a copy in very good condition from Durham City Bookshop in England. I was going to pick it for my book club as it is my turn to pick, however I have decided to pick Best Foot Forward as it is more available in Kindle and paperback.

      We have a Rhode Island connection that is so cool. I was born in Providence, Rhode Island now I live on the outskirts of the city at its highest peak which is beautiful, but not so great in snow or ice. Do you have any family still in the Rhode Island area? If you ever have a reason to visit it would be a great honor if you could speak at my book club.

      I am every much looking forward to reading Two Steps Backward.

      All The Best,
      PS: Your pets are adorable!

      • Hi Jane

        I am really flattered that you’ve chosen Best Foot Forward for your book club, and I’d love to know the feedback from your members, good or bad. I hope they will enjoy it.

        Re. Providence, Rhode Island. I am trying to find time to build a family tree and haven’t got very far on the American side yet, but I know that my maternal grandfather was Vincent Allen Kelly, who was born in 1899 and in 1920 was living at Putnam Street, Providence Ward 10. His father was born in Ireland, and his mother in R. I. On my ever-growing list of “Things to do”, is to try and trace some of his family members. With all our animals, travelling isn’t something we often have an opportunity to do, but who knows, if we ever get to the States we might come knocking on your door. 😀

      • Hi Susie
        I will definitely let you know about book club discussion of Best Foot Forward we meet on October 2. I leave for a little excursion after meeting, so will be in touch when I return.

        Re; Providence, Rhode Island my paternal grandparents who came from Bologna, Italy at that same time were living on Amhurst Street which runs through Putnam Street. My father, the third of eight children was born in 1922. Unfortunately he died in 2003, and most of his siblings as well. I have several relatives I can ask, so if I find out any info I will let you know.

        Take Care,

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