I have been hors de combat for a while, a combination of very busyness, heat hexhaustion and a smidgin of poorliness. At least the lawn hasn’t need mowing – it’s nothing but an expanse of crispiness thanks to the drought.

Anyway, I was shaken out of my lethargy by the lovely Janine at who wrote a splendid review of Best Foot Forward, and then invited me to do an interview, which you can read here, should you be so inclined. I reveal, amongst other things, who would be my chosen French dinner guest and what I would cook for them, as well as my shameful secret. 😀


2 thoughts on “Re-surfacing

  1. Too much decorating…that’s your problem….
    Fun interview….and as Abbe Pierre isn’t available may I claim his place at your table…that meal had me slavering (not a pretty sight).

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