Guest post at Facilitutors

Many thanks to Wendy Wise at Facilitutors for inviting me to write a guest post for her blog. Facilitutors offers a personalised service to anybody searching for the very best venues or courses of all kinds in France, whether for education or enjoyment. So if you are looking for somewhere to improve your language skills, learn about anything from wine appreciation to millinery, garden design or making your own bamboo trout rod, or are hunting for the perfect place for your hen weekend, check out Wendy’s site: If you need inspiration, this is the place to look, and if you have something in mind that you cannot find, Wendy will do her utmost to locate it for you free of charge and without obligation.

And if you’d like to read my guest post on how I became a successful writer despite a creative writing course, you can read it here. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Guest post at Facilitutors

  1. My name is Dennis Laughlin and I have a short story about a old Yeller Cat called Jaws and want to know how do I go about to get it published here on your web site. thank you

    • Hi Dennis – apologies, I have only just come across your comment, it was buried in my spam folder.

      I am sorry that there isn’t anywhere on my blog to post stories. Perhaps you could create a blog of your own and post it there? I don’t know what else to suggest, although there are writers’ groups you could join and where you could probably place your story.

      Kind regards


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