New camera

So, after days of debate and research in  order to choose a new camera to upgrade from my Canon Powershot S3 to an SLR, I opted for the Pentax K-R. It has splendid reviews and I was within a split nano-second of pressing the “Buy” button.

But wait! Rewind several days to when I first started the hunt. I’m a complete amateur with virtually no understanding of the technicalities of photography. I have difficulty understanding depth of field and EV balance. Will I be able to get to grips with an SLR? Talking of which, there’s the issue of weight. Naked, the K-R weighs close to 1.5 lbs. I return to an article I’d read earlier about choosing the best camera for your needs. And there was some very sensible advice. It was that for the amateur photography was about enjoying yourself and not about worrying about all the technical wizardry in the camera.

So I asked myself, did I want to lug around a beautiful camera because it had great reviews, but which I probably wouldn’t be able to use to its maximum capability, or should I opt for something smaller, simpler, lighter and cheaper?

And that’s how I ended up buying an Olympus EPM-1, a mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses which while not a DSLR is something similar. It’s very compact and weighs, with the standard lens, just over 9 oz, and is considerably cheaper than the Pentax K-R. For somebody like me, a raw amateur, it seemed the sensible choice.

I think it is a thing of great beauty! Mine is white.

So far I have been utterly befuddled by all the various settings and menus, and have found that “Auto” is giving good results.  When I have read the 129 page manual, I’m hoping to progress a little further. I didn’t get on with the Olympus software, and am using Faststone Image Viewer for image manipulation. These are two photos that I’m especially pleased with:


Any constructive advice or criticism will be most welcome, although I’d rather not hear that I should have chosen a Lumix, Nikon or Sony! 😀


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