Facebook seems to be dead.

Facebook seems to be dead.


3 thoughts on “Facebook seems to be dead.

  1. Well, that’s weird. How did my tweet end up here? I have to put up my hand, Fly, and admit I’m a FB saddo. Originally got into it mainly to keep up with family, then faraway friends, and then found one day that almost every other thingamibob I do on-line is inextricably linked to FB. But it’s foutou at the moment. 🙂 There are some benefits to it – one example off the top of my head is the Save Lennox campaign which has spread massively thanks in part to Facebook, as well as many similar movements. http://savelennox.com/. (The Save Lennox Campaign website is down for maintenance at the moment). It is a good way of sharing and passing on useful information and helping people. But can also be a friggin’ waste of time, too. 🙂

  2. Yes, i do see theutility for good causes but when staying with a friend recently and seeing the drivel reeling off it I thought how lucky it was that I had never been able to understand how it worked.

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