An award from Kaite O’Reilly

I am so flattered that playwright and author Kaite O’Reilly has nominated this blog for the Versatile Blogger Award. You can read Kaite’s blog at

In the spirit of sharing, I’d like to nominate a few of the blogs that I especially enjoy – omitting some that I know either do not accept awards or already have this one.

Firstly, to dear old Doris Brazil, nonagenarian ladies outfitters of Appleton Marsh. Fifty years in the business, still with her finger on the pulse of fashion, keeping her shop window shaded with yellow cellophane, she is an inspiration to aspiring business women the world over.

Marilyn Tomlins, Paris based journalist and author of the excellent “Die in Paris” about the life of French serial killer Dr Petiot. Her blog about French politics, art and life in general is always informative and beautifully written.

My Quality Day is a lovely blog from North America, featuring wildlife, plants and all those things with which nature blesses us. Always puts a little smile in your heart.

Close to home (in fact just a few miles from here), is an elegant blog featuring beautiful photographs of the delights of this region, as well as reviews of restaurants and reads, and practical information.

Another classy and gently humorous blog is by fellow author Victoria Corby, about her life in France and her writing:

Hopping back across the Atlantic, I love, so uplifting to read about people giving and giving back to their community.

Finally,, a truly versatile blog combining the author’s experiences as a boutique publisher, advice for authors, and beautiful photographs of her exploration of some of London’s hidden, most beautiful and interesting secret places. Even if she wasn’t my editor and publisher, I’d still nominate her blog. 🙂

Now I have to reveal seven facts about myself:

  1. It took me over a year of riding lessons to be able to rise to the trot
  2. Although I’m hopeless at sewing, I enjoy making teddy bears and have made some rather good ones
  3. As a child I hated my middle name, but now I rather like it. It’s Roberta
  4. I am misophonic
  5. I love gadgets. My latest is an Asus Prime Transformer tablet, a wonderful surprise gift
  6. Twice I have been in a public place without being aware that my skirt was tucked into my knickers
  7. My maternal grandfather was Irish-American.

I am sorry there was nothing more interesting to tell you.


3 thoughts on “An award from Kaite O’Reilly

  1. Thank you, Fly. I know your mantelpiece is crumbling beneath the weight of awards so I have not burdened you with another to polish. I am sure you already have this one, probably at least a dozen of them. 🙂

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