What would you do?

We recently bought 2 items (car parts) from a reputable website.  On each occasion we paid extra for 24 hour delivery, as well as another extra that guaranteed our right to return the item if it was unsatisfactory for any reason.

The first item was delivered after 72 hours. We returned it to exchange for another part.

The second part took 96 hours to arrive, despite paying the extra for 24 hour delivery.

When reimbursement for the returned part did not arrive after a week, I telephoned the company and was told: “Read the small print – it will be returned after 30 days.”

Subsequently I was invited to leave a rating and review for the second part. I left 3 stars, saying that 24 hour delivery should mean 24 hours, and not 96. I then received an email suggesting that I might like to change my rating to 5 stars, in return for free delivery in future. I replied that I would not change the rating, due to the delay in reimbursement for the first part.

One day later, I received another email saying that repayment for the first part had been credited to my bank (less the 24-hour delivery charge and the guaranteed return insurance), and would I now please revise my rating.

What would you do? Stick with the original rating so that future customers should know what to expect? Or revise the rating in view of the fact that the company has addressed my complaints?


13 thoughts on “What would you do?

  1. That’s appalling customer service! Bribery in order to secure a five star rating?! The company failed to deliver on its promises from the very beginning – the 24 hour delivery did not materialise in either instance (which begs the question – “why was this reimbursement withheld?”). Their subsequent ducking and diving to wriggle out of the mess is immaterial. Too late. Reduced rating.

  2. Add a codicil to say that the company has now rectified the situation but stick with your original rating because that was how it was then. Tell them if they can up their game for the next time, your next review will be 5-star.

  3. They should have returned the full amount you paid. They failed to uphold their part of the deal.
    If they want five stars let them pay back full amount within 3 business days. You may never need another car part.

  4. This used to make me very angry too until I read the even smaller fine print- that 24 hour shipping doesn’t meant that you will get it within 24 hours from your order, only within 24 hours from when they ship it out. Tricky b*stards, huh?

  5. Thank you all. I have left the 3-star rating, which, strangely enough, does not show up on the website, although there are a number of similar ratings due to delayed delivery. And as k_sam says, the small print hides the fact that the 24 hours relates to the shipping time – which can be delayed if they have to order the parts in.

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