Bring me sunshine!

What a good week this has been; so many lovely things happening. And here’s another thing – a Sunshine award from Mrs Fly’s Real France blog.

Fly’s view of France is not all soft and fluffy, as she peels the crust off the baguette and the blows the bubbles off the champagne to reveal some lesser-known and less savoury aspects of real life in the Hexagon. It’s a revelation, and like her blog about life in Costa Rica, always beautifully written, and laser sharp.

Thanks, Fly.

Visitors, if you would like to add the Sunshine award to your blog, with my compliments, please do so.

Oh, just remembered, revelations expected. *Wracks brains furiously*


I can’t understand cupcakes. Seems to me they are simply small cakes smothered in tooth-decaying icing, stuck into messy paper cases, and crazily-priced.

I once ran away from home and was captured by police all because I wouldn’t eat undercooked egg white.

I’ve been inside a battered wives’ hostel.

I don’t like cut flowers. Leave them to live and die naturally.

I can’t be trusted with a bottle of Baileys – I’d probably drink it all in a couple of hours, although I hardly touch alcohol normally.

I bite the skin around my fingernails.

I’d like to see steeplechasing banned.

I’ve sold more than 50,000 paperback copies of my books (and yes, I have the royalty statements to prove it!)

I can happily live on Smash for several months. I have done so.

That’s it, folks.


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