We need more people like this

I came across such a lovely blog today. It’s called “A Very Small Farm”, and is about a family in Ohio who raise organic crops. But far more than that, they have created an initiative encouraging and helping people who own land to grow their own crops and share or give the produce to some of the 48.8 million Americans (2010 figure – maybe it’s even higher now), I’ll just write it out in full: forty-eight point eight million Americans, who may not have sufficient food for their families.

Click the image to visit Soulsby Farm – a very small farm

I couldn’t help thinking that if there were more families like this, and less bankers/entertainers/sportspeople earning being paid obscene amounts of money, the world would be a very much nicer place to live.

Have a read about their Project Garden Share – it’s good to read about people who don’t only care about themselves.

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