This year F1 has so far been the most exciting season I can remember. So many teams in contention, so many new drivers shining, and no more foregone conclusions.

So very pleased to see Williams back on form, and a tremendous maiden win for Pastor Maldonado. Great race from Alonso and Raikkonen, and Hamilton majestically carving his way from the back of the field to finish eighth.

The thing that leaves me scratching my head is the inequality in the way justice is administered by the stewards.

One driver, through no fault of his own, is left a litre short on fuel at the end of a sensational pole. He’s relegated to the very back of the field. So a massive punishment for an innocent driver.

Another driver recklessly smashes into the back of another car, complaining that it shouldn’t have been in his way, and gets a 5-place grid penalty for the next race. A tap on the wrist for a dangerous driver.

Wrong, and rather distasteful IMHO.

Lewis Hamilton is a role model when it comes to dealing with setbacks graciously and with dignity. There are others who could learn from him. Yes, you know who I’m talking about. 😉


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2 thoughts on “YAY! NO!

  1. Agree completely about the great start to the season. But there have always been different rules for a certain unretired driver, as there are for a car with red livery. And if both were together it was no contest for others.
    I found the clips they showed of Gille Villneuve at his combatitive best amazing. The thought that someone might not survive a race in those days seemed to make for much greater respect amongst the drivers but by hell they did compete to the nth degree.

  2. Yes, it’s a much different “sport” today, isn’t it? But then it isn’t really a sport any more; it’s big business. I cannot remember any other driver in history taking the punishment that Hamilton consistently gets. However, they can take away his points, wins and podiums, but what they cannot do is take away the skill that makes him the brilliant driver that he is. I wonder how many other drivers could have taken the treatment he has been given and not lost heart by now. I hope McLaren hurry up and get their act together. I’ve seriously begun to wonder recently if there is a fifth columnist operating somewhere in their garage. In motor racing today, I wouldn’t rule out anything.

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