If I’d known then what I know now …..

For eleven days I’ve had my nose to the grindstone, sweating and tearing my hair out over the formatting of a docx. I’m using Word 2000, having rather stupidly given away my Word 2007 CD when I was seduced by Linux, in the daft belief that I’d never need it again. When I discovered, too late, that I did not have the patience or mental capacity to master Linux, I was pretty well stuffed until I found an ancient Word 2000 CD. Word 2000, as you will know, does not open docx.

Consequently when the docx arrived I had a horrible time trying to open it, and ended up using OpenOffice Writer, which was fine up to a point, the point being when it came to saving the document and reconverting it to Word after I had spent three days working on it. That’s when all the meticulous formatting of over 150 footnotes went berserk and wrecked the whole document so it wouldn’t open properly in either Word or OpenOffice.

Twice. Can you believe it. 😯

If only I had known then what I know now – Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack is a free download from Microsoft.


If I’d known about it eleven days ago, I’d have finished the job eight days ago. I thought it might be useful to share this in case it helps anybody else who is lagging behind in the software department to avoid a similar trauma.

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