Tinkerbelle makes No. 5

“Travels with Tinkerbelle – 6,000 miles around France in a Mechanical Wreck” has come into Amazon’s Hot New Releases at No. 5. A most pleasing surprise!



6 thoughts on “Tinkerbelle makes No. 5

  1. Good news Susie. I started reading last night and am thoroughly enjoying it.

    What the hell are the two previous posts about? I haven’t clicked on them as they don’t look kosher.

    • Hi Pip – thank you, and glad that you are enjoying it. I’m very happy with the rewrite.

      The previous two posts were an experiment, I linked a couple of Tweets direct to the blog to see what happened. They are genuine. The Avaaz website was being attacked; seemed like somebody was trying to shut them up. They are a powerful force for good, and “the other side” doesn’t like that. 😉

  2. I thought you’d been hacked or something. Facebook and Twitter are somewhere I never go so it all looked gobbledeegook to me.

  3. Super book….I’d read to the end of chapter eight before i had to turn off the computer as a thunderstorm had started.

    It gives a lovely picture of France…made me wish i’d visited some of the areas described because the description of those i had visited was so accurate.

    The man with the gearbox incident made me hoot….so French!

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