A new approach to the garden

Now that it has stopped raining I’ve been able to cut the grass at last. Funny what a difference an area of smooth manicured lawn makes, even if everywhere else is overgrown.

Because of the irregular shape of our garden, with things in places they shouldn’t really be, and stone edges to flower beds, I usually go around with the strimmer after the lawn-mower, tidying up all the straggling stuff, as well as killing all the unwanted things. But this year I’m trying a different approach.

In the belief that everything is there for a reason – why else would the same weeds keep coming back year after year despite savage digging out and toxic spraying? – I’m going to leave borders of wilderness around the lawn. Let the stinging nettles, the clover, the bindweed, the mares’ tails and vetch fight it out amongst themselves. Surely they must be of use to particular wildlife and all part of nature’s balance.

Every year, in the nearby village I see a brilliant crimson cyclamen growing out of the pavement outside a house, squeezing itself between the house wall and the paving. There isn’t room to push a razor blade between them, yet that plant manages, which convinces me that nature knows what it wants to do and finds a way of doing it. So I accept that those plants that resolutely appear year after year have a purpose in doing so, and are of benefit in a way I do not understand but in the way that Mother Nature intends.

I shall keep mowing right up to the edge of these “nature oases”, and see what happens. Anybody else doing the same?

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2 thoughts on “A new approach to the garden

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