Waterproof Kindle

Had my long lazy Saturday bath this morning, part of the pleasure of which is a good read. I’ve always been too worried about dropping my Kindle in the water (I have a tendency to fall asleep and more than one book has found itself afloat.)

Waterproof Kindle!

So I tried this, and it worked perfectly. No condensation, no splashes.

I’m not endorsing it, just saying it worked for me. If you try it, it’s at your own risk. πŸ™‚

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8 thoughts on “Waterproof Kindle

    • I don’t blame you, Fly. I can’t believe that Amazon have not sorted it out for you yet. I’ve “Googled Kindle not working in Costa Rica” and not found a problem similar to yours. It might not work via wifi, but it should work if you download to your computer and transfer by the USB cable. If it isn’t doing so, then it sounds as if it’s faulty and Amazon should do something about it. Have you tried contacting them direct – you can hold a live conversation with a customer service person via “Help” “Contact us”, and they are usually very helpful.

  1. Now if I was a clever business minded sort of person I would jump on that idea and produce a neat fitted version made for the little black box.
    Next time I’m in a stationery shop I shall see if there are such things a bit smaller than A4.
    Brilliant idea, ta ever so.

  2. I bought the bags at the supermarket on the shelf where the kitchen roll, clingfilm stuff is. You can buy zip bags in a variety of different shapes. It was a struggle to force the Kindle into the small zip bag, and in getting it out I wrecked the bag. I think an enterprising person could manufacture disposal bath-bags or even better a proper waterproof Kindle cover. A bath without a book is like chips without salt and vinegar. πŸ™‚

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