The curious case of the canine crisis

Well, this is very strange. What on earth is going on?

It’s to do with the dogs’ food.

Historically, as the elder canine, Tally has always been in control of eating. Dobby will not touch his own food, or accept any titbit before Tally. But by some concord reached between themselves, Dobby is master of sleeping arrangements and decides which bed he wants and when, whereupon Tally obligingly moves to the one which is vacant.

Talisman de la Sylve de Janus - Tally to his friends

Anybody who knows Tally well will know that food is his raison d’être.  He leaps into the air like Zebedee at meal times. Boing, boing, boing. Dobby sits and watches, and waits until Tally begins eating before he approaches his own bowl. Pudding – Bonios – is served when main course is finished, and Dobby will not accept his Bonios before Tally. Dobby, in fact, has virtually no interest in food. His breakfast often remains untouched until dinner time.

But since yesterday, something strange is taking place. Tally no longer bounces when his food arrives. He wags his tail furiously and looks at his bowl sideways, but eat he will not. Not if I put him in different room, or outside, or try to feed him by hand. Dobby sits staring at him. I left their bowls for an hour, and watched as Dobby moved from one to the other, taking a few mouthfuls from each, while Tally sat wagging his tail.

Dobby, our "Chien de carton - Cardboard box dog"

There is still one untouched bowl on the floor. Both dogs have just had their pudding in the usual way – Tally first, and Tally keeps walking past the bowl of food, looking at it sideways and wagging his tail, but he won’t touch it. He’s not unwell, he’s his normal beanful self, but something is warning him off his food.

Any canine shrinks out there who would like to venture an opinion?


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4 thoughts on “The curious case of the canine crisis

  1. The mystery seems to be sorted. It seems that now they want pudding first! Give them their Bonios and afterwards they both eat their first course. 🙂 I think there was also an element of protest as I had to change their food, because my car has been out of action for several weeks, so I rely on the kindness of friends to take me shopping, and the food they most enjoy (Aldi’s SuperCrack) is too far, so they are on something different. I know that while cats enjoy a regular change of diet, dogs generally prefer to stick to a particular brand.

  2. I think you have cracked it, Susie, all of our dogs (several during some 5 decades!) were not at all happy if we had to change their food, for whatever reason. We had two that were on a par with Tally and Dobby where pecking order was concerned. Roz, the much bigger Standard Poodle, always waited for Kerrie, X-Collie and 2 years older, to start eating. Deference to age and established residence, possibly. Roz also leapt around like a loony, just like Tally! Roz would only eat dry food, Kerrie would only eat wet food!! Neither would even try the alternative, I think they would have starved rather than eat an alternative!! Hope the situation has now returned to normal. 🙂

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