Popular highlights

Just noticed this on Amazon. Interesting to see what readers highlight on their Kindles.


Popular highlights

Do you highlight passages on your Kindle?


5 thoughts on “Popular highlights

  1. I don’t but that could be that I don’t even know what the point is let alone how to!

    As you know I had reservations about getting a Kindle and now am totally in love with it. Even more so since being led to ittff and just recently the new Kindle Users Forum newsletter. I can’t download freebies fast enough. God knows when I will get time to read them all.

    By the way – in my recent absence I see the little grey quote mark to get to making a comment has disappeared and the old way of clicking after the posting has come back. I was looking for my little grey friend for ages this morning. Has anything else changed?

    • To highlight, move the cursor to the beginning of the passage, click OK, move it to the end of the passage, click OK, and you have underlined that passage. It’s useful if you want to remember a particular phrase. The same principle as marking a paperbook with a pencil – remember how many library books had scribbled notes on them? You can also add your own notes by putting the cursor where you want to start the note, then typing it. If you want to see your notes for that book, Menu, view notes and marks.

      Same here re. the free Kindle books. Some of them are not for me, but there are plenty that are really very good. Need to take speed-reading classes to keep up with them all. 🙂

      I changed the template, so the comments are now in a different place. Just to keep you on your toes. 😀

      Hope you are enjoying your break and that the weather isn’t too awful.

  2. Thanks for that. Handy to know.

    Back from our break. It was blooming cold, blooming wet but still lovely. Despite turning on the water on arrival to find a series of disasters. Joints had frozen and loosened, some joints sprung apart, both shower taps had washers busted and needed replacing and the water meter had split in the freeze. Apparently it had hit -19 one night. Took our local plumber two days to sort. Water company replaced meter two hours after a call to them. Despite knowing we wouldn’t be back until July the plumber, retired so cash pay required, still hadn’t told us how much before we left! Water company however had sent invoice which was waiting in the postbox on our return.
    The joys of a second home – ha ha.

    • Poor you. So sorry, but hope you can look forward to a warmer holiday later this year. This has been a particularly long hard winter, and I know several people who have had similar problems to yourselves. We escaped fairly lightly – just a few days when all our outlets were frozen so we couldn’t use the washing machine and the sink wouldn’t empty, and a couple of days with no water coming into the house. All sorted out with the ingenious use of pickaxes and blow-torches. 😀 We’ve all earned a decent summer, don’t you think?

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