Clouds – don’t mention them

If you want clouds, we’ve got them. Small, feathery, wispy, curly, flat-bottomed, white, grey, purple, black, huge, static, scudding, just take your pick. But as a dedicated non-weather-moaner, I’m not going to mention the dire weather. It is what it is, so we have to live with it.

What I want to moan about instead is Cloudfare, recommended by my website host to speed up and protect my site. Having had the site hacked and filled with posts promoting incontinence knickers and cures for female baldness, I leapt at Cloudfare as a way to prevent a repeat. (In the event, I learned that it wasn’t a host issue, but a hole in WordPress, which I think I have plugged. Fingers crossed.)

Anyway, since installing Cloudfare I’ve found that I can’t access my own site. Instead a Cloudfare message pops up saying I don’t have access to the site. That’s not good. If I can’t access it, can anybody else? It seems rather counter-productive. So I’ve uninstalled it.

Has anybody else found a similar problem?


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