These boots are made for ..

..just about everything, it seems.

A doggers’ delight. 😀


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4 thoughts on “These boots are made for ..

  1. I don’t know!
    I’ll ask Alain – once i can bring myself to further lower the British in his esteem by describing some of their more esoteric activities….
    Though I expect in any case the Academie Francaise refuses to have a word for it.

  2. Well, whatever it is it isn’t Brassens’ ‘les amoureux des bancs publics’, that’s for sure!

    Having read the article I approached Alain who was, as I thought he might be, bewildered….and then intrigued.
    I may be posting about this if his enquiries proceed further. He is ringing up a ‘sophisticated’ friend from the local town…no doubt in the end Dominique Strauss-Kahn will be consulted

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