Walking on the wild side

The amazingness of modern medicine meant that after his operation on Thursday, TOH was discharged from hospital on Friday.

On Saturday we met our son and daughter-in-law for lunch – they travelled to London by coach, a quick and easier option than driving, and we had a very good Italian meal at a Carluccio’s about three miles from where we are staying. We went by bus, but walked home, TOH suffering no ill effects.

Today we had a lazy morning, then decided to walk to one of south-west London’s parks. As a child I never really noticed them – we were either walking across them to get somewhere, or riding past on a bus. But today I was able to appreciate what a great amenity they are for Londoners. There were people feeding the water birds and pigeons, people playing tennis, joggers, strollers, sitters, fishermen, dog walkers, pram pushers. Everybody was happy and relaxed, the air smelt fresh and sweet and the trees are just about to burst into leaf.

As well as the more usual birds – crows, pigeons, magpies, sparrows, we saw woodpeckers and several flocks of the green parakeets – you can’t mistake their parrot-like screeches. And squirrels – loads of them, bouncing around the trees, munching acorns, or chasing each other through the grass. We walked five miles, TOH feeling fit and no discomfort from his operation.

Image: RSPB.org.uk

All about the ring-necked parakeet

In the courtyard of our friends’ house we’ve watched a squirrel eating a fairy cake, and yesterday a fox trotted along the top of the fence. I thought he might jump down into the courtyard, but instead he vanished into the alley.

Image: Daily Mail


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