Waterproof Kindle

Had my long lazy Saturday bath this morning, part of the pleasure of which is a good read. I’ve always been too worried about dropping my Kindle in the water (I have a tendency to fall asleep and more than one book has found itself afloat.)

Waterproof Kindle!

So I tried this, and it worked perfectly. No condensation, no splashes.

I’m not endorsing it, just saying it worked for me. If you try it, it’s at your own risk. 🙂

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The curious case of the canine crisis

Well, this is very strange. What on earth is going on?

It’s to do with the dogs’ food.

Historically, as the elder canine, Tally has always been in control of eating. Dobby will not touch his own food, or accept any titbit before Tally. But by some concord reached between themselves, Dobby is master of sleeping arrangements and decides which bed he wants and when, whereupon Tally obligingly moves to the one which is vacant.

Talisman de la Sylve de Janus - Tally to his friends

Anybody who knows Tally well will know that food is his raison d’être.  He leaps into the air like Zebedee at meal times. Boing, boing, boing. Dobby sits and watches, and waits until Tally begins eating before he approaches his own bowl. Pudding – Bonios – is served when main course is finished, and Dobby will not accept his Bonios before Tally. Dobby, in fact, has virtually no interest in food. His breakfast often remains untouched until dinner time.

But since yesterday, something strange is taking place. Tally no longer bounces when his food arrives. He wags his tail furiously and looks at his bowl sideways, but eat he will not. Not if I put him in different room, or outside, or try to feed him by hand. Dobby sits staring at him. I left their bowls for an hour, and watched as Dobby moved from one to the other, taking a few mouthfuls from each, while Tally sat wagging his tail.

Dobby, our "Chien de carton - Cardboard box dog"

There is still one untouched bowl on the floor. Both dogs have just had their pudding in the usual way – Tally first, and Tally keeps walking past the bowl of food, looking at it sideways and wagging his tail, but he won’t touch it. He’s not unwell, he’s his normal beanful self, but something is warning him off his food.

Any canine shrinks out there who would like to venture an opinion?


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Clouds – don’t mention them

If you want clouds, we’ve got them. Small, feathery, wispy, curly, flat-bottomed, white, grey, purple, black, huge, static, scudding, just take your pick. But as a dedicated non-weather-moaner, I’m not going to mention the dire weather. It is what it is, so we have to live with it.

What I want to moan about instead is Cloudfare, recommended by my website host to speed up and protect my site. Having had the site hacked and filled with posts promoting incontinence knickers and cures for female baldness, I leapt at Cloudfare as a way to prevent a repeat. (In the event, I learned that it wasn’t a host issue, but a hole in WordPress, which I think I have plugged. Fingers crossed.)

Anyway, since installing Cloudfare I’ve found that I can’t access my own site. Instead a Cloudfare message pops up saying I don’t have access to the site. That’s not good. If I can’t access it, can anybody else? It seems rather counter-productive. So I’ve uninstalled it.

Has anybody else found a similar problem?

Lucie does it again!

Lucie, you are a star! Another egg! That makes two! Good girl.

Now, I know I gave you a hint last time about the best place to lay, but I fear you took it too literally.

When Peggie is already sitting in the favourite nesting place, you need to either wait or choose an alternative location from the very large expanse of floor and several thick and cosy heaps of straw available to you.

As you discovered this morning, sitting on Peggie’s head and growling does not achieve anything:  Cochin bantams are not easily intimidated. I thought Peggie was exceptionally tolerant and forbearing, particularly as you are at least twice her size.

But keep going – you are doing a great job. 🙂