I couldn’t stop crying and TOH was irritated

It’s all the fault of somebody called Mark Sinclair who has written a book about opening a delicatessen in a miserable Middle English town, with his only qualification being an ability to bake a quiche without looking at the recipe.

No matter how tired I am – and I was very tired last night after walking 15 miles – I have to read before I go to sleep, and Sinclair’s tales of his beastly, vile customers and their extraordinary demands made me laugh until my pillow was soaked and the bed was rocking as if in an earthquake. I’d intended to read for 10 minutes, and three hours later was still howling and provoking much thrashing of duvet and exasperated sighs from TOH.

Haven’t quite finished this book yet, and I have a growing list of reviews to catch up on, but I couldn’t resist mentioning this one, because if you want/need a good laugh, it’s really worth the money (actually I got it free, thanks to my IFTTT alert.) As an added bonus, he’s an accomplished writer.  I know of nobody else who can write so movingly about a lady with a lump of Stilton wedged between her thighs, decorated with a little piglet curl. 😉

I’d Sooner Starve is available in paperback and Kindle, and you can read or download a free sample.

Excuse me while I try to find a way of unmatting the clumps of waterproof mascara from my eyes. I look like a drunken panda.


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