Do you IFTTT? If not, perhaps you should.

While I’m sadly lacking in techieness and find it all, in the main, just beyond my grasp, one thingy that I am getting to grips with is IFTTT – standing for If This Then That. For those of you who haven’t found it yet, here’s a link that explains how it works: (Notice the (“wtf”) suffix that made me smile. It carries out automated tasks to save you time and faffing about. And it’s free.

As far as I can see the applications for IFTTT are almost limitless, but I haven’t yet had the time or mental ability to work out all the things it could do for me. However, if you take a look at this page, you’ll see ready-made  “Recipes” – simple programs that will automate all kinds of functions for you. These are tasks that other users have written. But you can also create your own if you’re not as stupid as me.

If you’re a Kindle owner/reader and want to be alerted when a new free book gets into the top 100, there’s an excellent “Recipe” that will send you an email as soon as a new title makes the list. Some of the free books are only available for a short time, so unless you are on the ball you could miss out. Thanks to IFTTT I recently picked up an ebook for free which normally sells at £8.99 – a price I’d never pay for a digital book. I download about 5 free ebooks every week from the top 100 – some of them are real gems, but I wouldn’t spend time every day scanning for them. The “recipe” does that for me.

Here’s a screenshot

Depending on which part of the world you get your Kindle books from, make sure you select either “” or “”, as both lists differ. You’ll see what I mean when you try it out.

If, like me, you spend too many hours each day trying to juggle all the social media balls and live a life, IFTTT really can make your life easier. Check it out. 🙂



11 thoughts on “Do you IFTTT? If not, perhaps you should.

  1. Love the idea but being a numpty on such things I got lost with the boxes of “aim text” etc.
    I will find out in due course whether I get an email about Kindle or notification that the world is about to end or absolutely nothing.
    Time will tell.

  2. Well I must have eventually done something right as I received 2 emails and one actually worked when I confirmed my account.
    Lo and behold this morning I’ve already had 2 messages of new freebies.
    Thanks Susie for the tip off.

    • Hey, Pip, I am so glad it worked for you. I’m kicking myself because didn’t have time to follow up on an email last night, tried this morning and the price had already shot back to £8.99. Blink and it’s gone, so the email alerts really are a great help.

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    • So glad you like it! Don’t ask me how I found it. I just bumble and stumble around and bump into things. I know you can use IFTTT to automate tasks between FB, Twitter, Blogs, LinkedIn. I just don’t know and haven’t found the time to experiment very far yet. But like all things, I will eventually get around to it. 🙂

  4. I got three books today, so that’s me sorted for the break.

    When you get to their home page the button at the top marked Recipes is where they are all at.

    Presuming you have signed on and logged in of course.

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