Notes from a foreign country

Well, the last two days have been interesting and enjoyable.

Much of yesterday was spent in a London teaching hospital. We read and hear a great deal about the horrors of the National Health Service, but our experience yesterday was faultless. The hospital was shiny clean; the staff polite and helpful. Appointments were on time, and the specialist was friendly and sat chatting for half an hour explaining the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis. Immediately a MacMillan nurse arrived to lend reassurance. There were clean cafes serving healthy food and extremely good coffee. I really could not fault this hospital.

Later we watched a black bride and groom on their way to their wedding. Both looked stunning, classy and elegant travelling in a white coach pulled by two matching greys with plumes, the drivers wearing top hats.

Today we walked four miles each way to and from the cinema, through London parks bright with sunshine, daffodils and young mothers with toddlers. I love the colour and sounds of all the different ethnicities, the displays of exotics foods, the varied costumes, the seductive smells of their foods.

And really enjoyed The Hunger Games, which is fairly true to the book.

Just around the corner is a fabulous Asian store, and we’ve been enjoying parathas and samosas with mouth-watering sauces. Just wish I knew so much more about Asian cooking so that I could take advantage of the incredible variety of fruits and vegetables and mysterious ingredients.

While the sublime weather lasts, we’re going to take advantage of London’s lovely parks and picnic, as well as catching up with friends we don’t get the chance to see very often.

What’s not to like? 🙂


7 thoughts on “Notes from a foreign country

  1. Hope all turns out well healthwise.
    I enjoyed my last trip to London too – such a lot to do see and enjoy!
    And the NHS was always good to me and has been super for my mother.

    Yes, what’s not to like?

    • I am actually enjoying this visit to London, especially with the currently sublime weather. Abandoning motorised transport, we’ve hiked for miles, discovering hidden oases of small parks and beautiful quiet streets of quaint cottages hidden within spitting distance of busy main roads. And have ring-necked parakeets squawking in the trees right off the main high street!

  2. and may it continue, long live the NHS. I worked as a nurse and midwife within the NHS and I am fiercely protective of it. May it provide what you need x

    • Thank you Jenn. We went with some trepidation after hearing horror stories of cadavers lying on trolleys in corridors, but were wowed by the cleanliness, friendliness and efficiency of St Georges.

  3. Susie, now you’ve made me want to set off for London immediately. I always enjoy my visits. By the way Susie I am having a problem subscribing to you sites.

    • Better be quick, Marilyn. I understand the weather is on the wane. And I’m sorry about the subscriptions, somebody else seems to be having a similar problem. I don’t know why. I am getting your feeds direct into my email, and you should be getting mine. I’ll see if I can find an answer. 🙂

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