About toilets – bear with me

I freely admit that I am probably the world’s worst housewife, a pure, 100% prime sloven. Dust, mucky kitchen units, piles of crumpled laundry, murky refrigerator, grimy windows, they are my trade marks. The only excuse I offer is that I hate housework, pure and simple. I’d rather be writing, reading, playing with the dogs, even weeding.

BUT there is one area where I am scrupulous, and that’s the toilet. The bath, wash basin and shower might have soapy scum marks and dog hairs upon them, (there was one memorable occasion when I had brushed and combed our hairy black dog and put handfuls of hair into soapy water in the wash-basin to check for fleas, and forgotten about it, so that when a guest used the bathroom she found the basin filled with a floating black furry mass,) but the toilet bowl is glowing, blinding white.

I’ve used plenty of toilets over the years, both in public places and friends’ houses, where the bowl has become discoloured over the years, I suppose due to substances in the water, leaving a less-than-pristine tint to the bowl.

Now, getting back to my prize-winning white bowl, here’s the point I’m going to make.

A few weeks ago TOH noticed the slightest tinge of pink after having a pee. A tinge so faint that in a less-white bowl it would not have been noticeable. He thought little of it at the time, but a few days later noticed the same pinkish tint. A visit to the doctor had him referred at great speed to a urologist at the hospital. X-rays and scans revealed a bladder tumour. It is tiny, and will be removed within the next couple of weeks. The urologist says there is no reason to panic and that it has been caught very early. So are you seeing why I am proud of my sparkly pan? In even slightly murky conditions, the warning sign could have been missed.

So I recommend to any other slovens who might read this, if there’s only one thing that you are religious about, keep that toilet bowl snowy white and the water crystal clear. 🙂

There is a further twist to this story, which I shall reveal a little later.


15 thoughts on “About toilets – bear with me

  1. Dona Luz attacks the loo with vim and vigour – thank goodness as i’m a rival to you when it comes to housework…I really do not see the point.
    Thus the mighty bi annual cleaning sessions in France, crawling over high beams with hoovers, etc….

    I’m so glad your husband’s problem was caught at an early stage.

    • I’m going to move somewhere where we can afford a maid! Seriously. How can anybody want to spend their time scraping up grime? It will only come back.

      Thanks, Fly. 🙂

  2. Oh Susie, how I can identify with you except for the loo. I clean on a need to because someone is visiting basis, no, not the loo, the house that is. The loo gets a lick and a promise, when necessary not literally of course! I love the finished effect of a pristine home but I couldn’t face doing it all again until the next round of visitors!
    I shall however, heed your advice. Off I go then, loo cleaner in one hand and a bucket of hot water in the other with a promise to clean it every day…….when I remember:)
    Regards to YOH
    Jenn x

    • That’s made me feel much better, Jenn. If a nurse isn’t fanatically houseproud, then I don’t think I need to be. I don’t believe a bit of dust or grease ever did anybody any harm. 😀

  3. Sadly, I’m always cleaning, it’s an occupational hazard for a dedicated pet/house sitter! But, needs must, it’s part of the job and that’s all there is to it – even though I, too, would rather spend all day in the garden with the animals!! But, like you, Susie, I have a ‘thing’ about clean toilets, and I’m so pleased about that now, having read your blog. Thinking of you and YOH. C xx

    • Oh Chrissie, I hope your current location doesn’t need too much cleaning. Our house always seems filthy thanks to a constantly-shedding black hairy dog who slobers his water everywhere and chews up sticks all over the place. And a cat that spits its food all over the kitchen surface. 🙂

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