Was it a miracle gone wrong?

Yesterday t’Internet vanished, as it fairly frequently does chez moi. The oxymoronic “Client service” person said there was an external fault on the line, and that it was impossible for anybody to come and fix it before next Monday. Luckily my neighbours are kind enough to let me use their connection, which does not seem to suffer from the same continual maladies as ours.

So I was resigned to lugging the notebook back and forwards several times a day. We (Blackbird Digital Books and I) are in the process of final edit and cover design for the next book, so regular communication is necessary. More than likely Orange.fr were aware of that, as they usually manage to take the system down when it’s most needed. 🙂

In the evening I sat down to watch My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. I’ve become a recent convert. Don’t the gypsies have any ugly girls? They all look like film stars. And however OTT their wedding dresses are, and the outfits of their bridesmaids, and the stretched limos and skyscraper cakes, I love watching them rock and writhe, even the little tots. They certainly know how to take glamour to the next level. 🙂

But last night they also screened the eviction from Dale Farm, and the star of the show was a wise and earnest little girl of about 10, who prayed to a statue of Jesus in the corner of her garden, in the belief that he would protect the families from the eviction. He didn’t, of course.  I wonder if her faith has been rocked at all by his failure?

Mary Ann and Jesus

Photo: Daily Mail

Anyway – I got carried away – I nearly jumped out of my skin when there was a loud plinging noise and a nearby voice said: “Your virus database has been updated.” The Internet was back on.

I’m not complaining , but it does make me wonder how the external fault which could not be repaired for six days magically disappeared at 10.30 pm. It couldn’t have been that statue of Jesus, could it, getting things muddled up?

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