Now what?

The vet has managed to persuade the relevant people to collect the goat. Maybe tomorrow, or maybe the day after.

All I have to do is to leave him plainly visible and accessible. Just inside the gate to our field, where he is now plainly visible and accessible, isn’t visible or accessible enough. He has to be outside the gate, beside the road, where everybody has to drive past. They will like that.

Oh, yes, and the other thing I have to do is to move him and the heavy steel wheelbarrow in which he is lying through the gate. I estimate the total weight is probably 150 lbs.

Just one more thing: leave a cheque for 65 euros.

Any ideas, anybody?


10 thoughts on “Now what?

  1. Imagine this situation in August, in 30 to 40 degree heat and tell me this isn’t more of a health hazard than burying? I am sure France’s summer visitors, who bring in so much revenue, will enjoy the sights and smells of the country villages in this way…not.

    • Exactement.

      I think even doing it by hand with a spade would be preferable to what you are going through. So would being arrested for it.
      The other mad law associated with all this is the one that does not allow vets to dispatch large animals with a captive bolt, insisting on injection euthanasia. Maybe it is OK with a goat, but often not so for a horse.
      It would be nice to see the authorities concern themselves more with the welfare of both the animals and their owners, not to mention public health and sensibilities.

  2. No, I don’t have access to a digger, and it would be impossible with a spade on my own, let alone the repercussions if anybody wants to make trouble. I have asked one of my neighbours if he can find me somebody strong enough to help to move the goat tonight to put him beside the road. Hopefully he will be able to come up with something. Just praying that the people will come tomorrow and not wait until Wednesday. They seem far more concerned with regulations than with public health and sensibilities.

    I’ve had two horses PTS with injection, both times very gentle, quick and peaceful. Likewise with Tuppence who just fell asleep in my arms..

  3. A disgrace….and yet another indication that there is no clue as to the bond that exists between a person and their animals.

    I buried my animals in the garden…..but I had my Turkish builder and his chaps to do the digging.

    • If I had known before I spoke to the vet how complicated this was going to be, I would have located somebody with a digger. But having set the events in motion, I was committed to going through with it, otherwise I would not have been able to explain the disappearance.

      My 80-year old French next door neighbour was telling me that one of their sheep – they only keep 4 or 5 just to keep the fields tidy – died during the big freeze. They are not registered, so the collectors would not collect. They could not dig the ground because it was rock solid, and had to resort to burning the body, which she said took a very long time and was very upsetting. As she said, it didn’t use to be like this.

    • I doubt if the woman I spoke to actually distinguishes between human beings and animals. Her manner implied she hated everybody and everything.

      If only I had known earlier how this would turn out, I could have done things differently.

  4. The vehicle sent to collect will no doubt be like the one I had sent, it will be a vehicle specifically licensed to carry such cargo, it is also most likely that a mechanical grab will pick up your lost friend.

    The reason why they are not allowed to enter any property to pick up is the potential for transmission of diseases – imagine that the vehicle had just been to a farm previously and gotten it’s wheels contaminated with disease ridden mud, this would then be transmitted to every other point it traveled to.

    I really do sympathise with what you are experiencing, I hope that this helps clarify the point of view that the authorities are taking and that it will all be resolved tomorrow.

    When you get the goat to the collection point, cover it with a tarpaulin or similar – then at least it will be out of site – the driver will in fact be expecting this as it is the norm in the countryside.

  5. Thank you for your comments. Yes, I can see the logic in that. In the past they have always come to the point where the animal was lying. Two friends are going to move him outside the gate for me this evening, and he will be covered with a tarpaulin weighted down with stones. I only pray that they will come tomorrow and he will not have to stay there until Wednesday, which is a possibility.

    I appreciate your comments.

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