Knowing when to let go

It’s been a sad day today, saying farewell to old our goat, whom we had since he was 5 days old and the size of a cat. But he’d been unwell for a week, and I took the decision to let him go while he was still in good spirits.

As much as I wanted to try to keep him going for longer, I know it was the right thing to do for him, and he went quietly to sleep in my arms.

He was a big goat, very affectionate, and as gentle as a kitten. I hope he’s met up with his old friend Thruppence, who went ahead of him some years ago.


8 thoughts on “Knowing when to let go

  1. That was definitely the right thing to do, no pain and he had the comfort of being with the human who had always been there for him. It’s always a difficult decision, I have ‘been there’ many times with different pets. Well done for thinking of him as the priority. Kindest regards, Chrissie

  2. U have done the right thing & the kindest before your beloved goat would, perhaps, start suffering. I know how u must be feeling i have felt the loss & sadness when i have had to ‘goodbye’ to a beloved dog or cat. My thoughts are with you, best wishes, Lorna

  3. Awww he was a beautiful animal! That was a very hard thing to do, but he had you holding him which was probably a huge comfort for both of you. You are very lucky where I live now I can no longer keep goats, chickens yes, but not goats! AND I love goats, I so miss being able to have them, miss my fresh goat milk too!

  4. So sad to see Tuppence left for greener pastures, but I know he will meet Thruppence. I treasure the days I was privileged to look after Tuppence and Thruppence – that was a special time, and now
    they are gone, and I empathize with your emptiness. I am sure you
    did the right thing in the end. May he rest in peace. Viv

  5. Thank you all. I am going to miss his head tilted round the side of the door to see what’s going on. He was such a sweet boy, and had a very long life for a goat, and a happy one.

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