Three out-of-the-ordinary blogs

There are so many blogs I follow and even more I would like to follow, but there are only so many hours in the day and most of those are taken up with other pursuits. At the moment they are also much occupied with trying to cope with snow, ice, frozen pipes, and no running water.

Anyway, here are three blogs that are a little different, and where I always go when I am looking for a brief escape from reality.

The Cabin Goddess lives in Alaska in a wood cabin with the man-beast and a cat called Asrielle. The cabin has no running water. The Goddess writes about cooking, photography and writing. A very versatile and interesting lady.

About 5,000 miles away as the crow flies you can follow the indomitable Fly in the Web. Fly and her husband waved a thankful “Adieu” to France last year and moved to a new life in Costa Rica. Things are rather different there. Very different, in fact. There’s the evil neighbour, and the casual justice system, exotic foods and wildlife for a start. And that’s before Fly lets loose her dogs of war.

Thirdly, there’s the incredible story of the Hobos in France. A respectable retired couple, neither in the best of health, who bought a property in France for their retirement. Although they paid for it in full, complied with all the legal procedures, employed a notaire and did nothing wrong, they are unable to live in their house. Somebody else lives in it. But the Hobos are still responsible for all the taxes on the property, and I think they also have to pay for the water, too.

Their hell began almost five years ago and at the moment there does not appear to be any end in sight. They were reduced to living in a tent during the winter. One of them suffered frostbite which led to gangrene which led to amputation. They have been through numerous legal battles and have more ahead of them.

An Appeal Tribunal ruled that the sellers had committed fraud; however, the sellers were old, which seemed sufficient cause to exonerate them. The buyers are also no longer in the first flush of youth, but that did not seem to bear any weight.

They have had to go to the European Court of Human Rights to get French Legal Aid to continue their fight.

All that is just the bare bones of their situation; and it is not a situation unique to them, unfortunately. It is a shameful reflection on the French Judicial system, and by sharing their story the French-made Hobos hope that other potential buyers will take heed and be aware of how badly wrong property purchase can go in the home of liberty, equality and fraternity. Their story really does make you wonder if we are living in a world gone completely insane.


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5 thoughts on “Three out-of-the-ordinary blogs

  1. Thanks for high lighting these…a new on e to me is the first, The Cabin Goddess. I have often enjoyed Fly, and am utterly HOOKED on the terrible story of the Hobos. Keep us informed of any more that are unmissable…though these will be taking a lot of my time now! And…I will ALWAYS follow No Damn Blog,m of course!!! ;D

  2. Thank you! Yes, we did indeed leave France with a thankful ‘Adieu!’….and reading the horrors of the’ Hobos in France’ blog has just reinforced the feeling!
    English law and the courts have their problems….but can you see this situation happening there? Certainly not.
    We’ve had our run ins with the French justice system and our experience – though not involving homelessness as for the Hobo family – bears out their account all too well.
    Equality before the law? Forget it!

    Needless to say here in Costa Rica we are frequenting the justice system – that’s what happens when you don’t just put up with something – and we were amazed when the Constitutional Court told our local mayor to repair and make good damage to our coffee plantation caused by the council’s inefficient way of dealing with run off – on pain of three months in jug if he didn’t stir his stumps!
    Stumps duly stirred and all is well.

    I’m looking forward to trying the Cabin Goddess…sounds very different!

  3. I wonder if the fact that the Hobos are not French has any bearing on the disgraceful treatment they’ve had with the law. To be honest, I suspect it to be the case, because it wouldn’t be the first by a long way.

  4. Hobos in France just found me in the blogosphere. I was just going to read their blog after them leaving me a comment on my about page. HOW horrific! My father practices international corporate law and listening to all the trials and tribulations when he deals with the Austrians and the French make me feel for all of you.

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