The olive oil thermometer

This gives an idea of the temperature in our kitchen today.



4 thoughts on “The olive oil thermometer

  1. Don’t!
    I remember it all too well from the last winter when it was -18!
    I used to have to stand the bottle in warm water to get anything out.

    I remember thanking my lucky stars that the winter the builders went down with ‘flu before Christmas leaving us with only a layer of slates between us and the elements in the kitchen over the holiday period the weather was (reasonably) clement…

  2. Nothing to do with frozen bits but just a quick thank you Susie.

    Firstly for the recent freebie of your book, my hard copy being over in France it’s now in my Kindle as well. I have immediately started reading it again and second time round I’m enjoying it even more.

    Secondly for the link to Chrissie’s Hobos site. I had missed her on the forum she used to mod and post on and am so glad I can keep up with their fight for justice. I can’t actually do anything but only offer support. But I will put a link on my website to try and spread the word.

    Thanks on both counts.

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