Living the French Dream

I’ll start by saying that I love France and it’s people. I’ve lived here for 16 years. We have bought two houses here and sold one,  and each transaction was trouble-free and stress-free. Probably that’s the case with 95% of all property transactions.

Sometimes you hear of small hitches that crop up, which are generally resolved fairly easily.

Sometimes you might hear of things going wrong and taking  time and money to resolve.

Sometimes you might hear of things going really, really badly wrong. But you probably haven’t heard many tales worse than what has happened to a decent couple who paid for and bought a house, and found they would never live in it. It’s a situation so outrageous, so unbelievable, that it takes your breath away.

This story is riddled, to use a cliché, with lies, incompetence, treachery, trickery, cruelty, indifference, impudence and theft. And astonishingly, the victims have managed to maintain, for the five years since they paid for the house that they are not allowed to live in, a sense of humour and love for this country, as well as a quiet determination to get justice, no matter how far they have to go, despite enduring almost unimaginable hardship.

I would really encourage you to read their story, which they are writing in the form of a blog: Hobos in FranceRead About Us first, and then read their blog from the beginning. You will not believe what you read.

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5 thoughts on “Living the French Dream

  1. Thank you, Susie, for taking the time to share our story even wider afield. Many kind people, through the years, have asked about what they can do to help us, my reply never alters, please just share our story with as many people as you can. Wherever family and I go, these days, we invariably meet somebody who eventually asks, “Are you the hobo family? I have heard about you.” One day, we hope the world will know about us. Only then will we feel this might never happen again to another family who purchases a property in France, in good faith and after covering all homework. This beautiful country deserves to have a much better judicial system in place, not only for us, but for many others out there, including French nationals. My family and I are much obliged to you, Susie, and to all who read and share our story. Kindest regards, Chrissie

    • Chrissie, I will help to spread your story as far and wide as possible. Not only for the incredible behaviour of the sellers and bureaucrats, but for the way your family have responded, kept fighting and not lost the faith. Truly inspirational.

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