The last word on supermarkets

Thanks to the wonderful Fly (whose blog about her new life in Costa Rica is a MUST), for her favourite French supermarket:



8 thoughts on “The last word on supermarkets

  1. Never seen one of these! What a great name – a real piece of marketing genius. I’d go just to buy the carrier bags, which I would then sell on eBay in the UK for a whopping pile of cash. Aldi just doesn’t have the same cachet.

    • You are never one to miss a trick, are you Jon? Perhaps you could get some carrier bags printed up yourself with the Mutant logo to flog on Ebay? 🙂 Why stop at carrier bags – think of developing a Mutant Clothing Range.

  2. It was my nearest supermarket at one time…and damn good too.
    They had real German wine, good weekly promotions of odds and bods and well priced basics…including olive oil that was top rate.
    They also let me have their chuck outs for the dogs and chickens….much to the disgust of the local ‘travelling’ fraternity.

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