The heart attack plant

It was a dark night. No moon shone through the Velux. The left side of the bed was empty. TOH was away.

Suddenly there was a crackling noise in the corner, followed by a thump. I woke, startled. Only something quite large could make such a noise.

I had already evacuated the huge spider through the window.

As I lay there wondering what had caused the noise, it happened again.

Crackle. Thump. I jumped.

Something was in the bedroom. But how had it got in? The door was closed. So were the windows.

My heart beat accelerated. I wondered whether I should put on the light, or lie quietly and hope that whatever it was would go by whatever mysterious means it had come.

Crackle. Thump.

I had to know what it was. Perhaps I could kill it with my Kindle.

I switched on the light.

There, in the corner of the room, were a pile of giant leaves from my Ficus Lyrata.  I think the cold has got to it. Do their leaves grow back again?


One thought on “The heart attack plant

  1. My husband claims that one of the reasons he’ll never get a Kindle is because they’re no good for killing scorpions, not if you want to use them again anyway. I should think the same applies to things that go bump in the night.

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