The supremely simple way of adding links and images to WordPress sidebar

When it comes to all things webby, I am the ultimate dummy.

I could probably get to grips with quantum mechanics (whatever they may be) more easily and a great deal quicker than I can anything to do with Internet things. It’s all a complete and utter mystery, and requires hours of Googling and scribbling and messing around to do what to most people is probably a simple matter of a few clicks. Every time something works I astonish myself.

At the moment I’m creating a new blog, and slowly slowly catchee monkey it is taking shape. I still haven’t understood the RSS feed thing, seems to be something wrong there, and then there’s something about permalink structure. I don’t know what a permalink is, let alone how to structure it. So a bit of work to do there.

What I wanted to do was to put a little box on the side-bar with some links in it. I read four helpful step-by-step articles and was none the wiser, and then I found this:

It’s mind-blowingly simple!

If there are any other dummies out there struggling, I hope this helps. 🙂


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