Pampering myself

After yesterday’s gloom, today the skies are sparkling clear, the birds are singing, and I’m in a state of euphoria after one of those rare dinner parties when nothing went wrong; in fact it went very right. Every dish looked and tasted as it was meant to, even the pavlova turned out perfectly despite the dire warnings that you can’t cook a successful meringue on a damp day – and yesterday was unrelentingly damp.

So I’m giving myself a little prize, and sharing it with all those fans of the man who was and always will be the King of Rock:


6 thoughts on “Pampering myself

    • It’s one of the things that I am (generally) successful at making. So easy, and this one looked particularly magnificent, if I says it as shouldn’t. 🙂

      I hate those shop-bought meringues that are hard and scratch your teeth. Mine are gently crisp on the outside and meltingly soft and chewy within. Num-num.

      Can you imagine, though, if you were a pre-electric cook and had to whisk it by hand?

  1. Since I simply hate meringues (so sorry!) I’ll go for Elvis for desert. That surely was a super show, wasn’t it?
    No, I won’t eat him – too much fat – just watch and listen. Thank you, Susie.

    • Just as well you’ve warned me, Deborah. I’ll know not what to give you if we ever get to meet in the flesh. 🙂

      As for poor Elvis, what a tragedy that he didn’t have a better manager, somebody who cared for him as a person and performer rather than a cash cow. But even at the end of his life when he was so overweight and wearing the crazy costumes, he never lost the voice or that wonderful smile.

    • How lovely to see a photo of you, Fly! You look so much as I imagined. Perhaps the old wives mean you can’t make those rock-hard tooth-scratchy meringues. I like mine soft and chewy, don’t you?

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