Dog fixes Internet!

Strange but true (I think).  We are back on t’Internet again; for how long, who knows? But we are grateful for any crumbs from that may fall our way.

So an engineer arrived bright and early on Monday morning. Tall and handsome with big brown eyes and a red woolly hat. We have locked the dogs away because the very last thing we want to do is frighten away an Orange engineer.

“What dogs do you have?” he asks, over the howling and yelping.

“A very big black one, and a Braque Hongrois (Hungarian Vizsla). But don’t worry, they are locked in.”

Oh, j’adore les chiens! Please let them out,” he says. And so we do, and the big black one leaps all over him, and the Braque Hongrois leans on his legs and rolls its eyes.

Superbe!” says the engineer, showing us a photo of his English setter that he uses for hunting snipe. We could stand a talk at length about gun dogs.

“Listen,” says our man, “they have sent me a very long way today, and given me a huge workload, but believe me, I am going to take my time until I find the fault for you even if it takes many hours.”

And he is as good as his word, and it does take several hours, until he diagnoses a faulty cable (not the modem, not our wiring, not our filter as we have been told for several months by Orange, but their cable). But there is a major problem: the cable is inaccessible, even with a cherry picker, because one of our neighbours has covered a passageway between our properties with a tin roof to make himself a tool shed, and nobody can climb onto the tin roof to change the cable.

“It’s a big job,” he says over coffee. “They have to run a new cable from the post to another post, and then back over your outbuildings to your house. It’s a lot of work, and everybody is very busy after the recent storm. There are lines down everywhere.” Both dogs are sitting with their heads in his lap, looking at him adoringly.

“But I am going to get it fixed quickly for you. I’ll send a cherry picker tomorrow.” He also gives us some very useful advice which will save us several hundred euros, but I can’t tell you what it is otherwise I’d have to kill you.

Later he phones to say that the cherry picker can’t get here until Thursday, and our expectations wither.

But lo! At mid-day today it does indeed arrive with two young men who string up the new cables, connect the wires and switch on the modem. Nothing happens. After much twiddling and plugging in of various machines and going to do something at the exchange, finally the magic light blinks and once more we can connect with the outside world without having to drive several kilometers to do so.

I put it down to the charm of our dogs. 😉


5 thoughts on “Dog fixes Internet!

  1. Dogs can do anything if they set their minds to it…probably lucky that they don’t given the interests of dogs in general.
    So glad they got you back on line…and a sympathetic telephone engineer is worth his weight in coffee beans…ours is a sweetie, just like your chap.
    Sp pleased for you…you can be in contact with the family at Christmas.

  2. Bless your dogs, Susie, and also: how nice to know that Orange has employed at least ONE real human being. After all, a bloke who likes dogs and does what he promised to do MUST be human, non?
    Glad to have you back.

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