The saga continues. Another week without an Internet connection.

Another engineer comes to call this morning.

Unlike the previous four engineers, he really does want to find out what is wrong, and put it right.

He spends a long time testing everything and actually climbs up the post balanced on a wonky ladder until he eventually discovers where the fault lies, and that is with the line from the post to our house, which he pronounces to be (a) ancient, (b) damaged beyond repair and (c) impossible to access because since it was first installed at the time of Noah, a new building has been put up which makes it impossible to reach the wire with a cherry-picker.

So he is arranging for somebody else to come tomorrow (apparently) and re-route a new cable from the post to another post and from there to our house.

It is what we have always said, that the problem is not, as insist, our equipment that is at fault, but theirs.

So we hope that tomorrow they will connect us, but we are doubtful.

In the meantime we await the WiMax company’s visit to see whether we are able to receive a signal; if not, we qualify for free installation of a satellite system. But how long it will take is anybody’s guess.




One thought on “NInternet

  1. At last, someone who does his job rather than fobbing you off!
    I remember the France Telecom ‘engineer’ who came out and started pulling wires out in the house as it couldn’t be ‘their’ installations causing the problem…

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