Two important tips!

Popping out of hibernation to mention two things that might be of interest.

Thing No. 1   When shopping, always check out the lower shelves. In SuperU last week I wanted to buy a couple of packets of grated Parmesan. I daren’t buy it whole because then I eat it before it even gets home. And as long as you ensure it is Grana Padano and not some kind of saw-dusty “grated Italian cheese”, it’s pretty good stuff. There was a packet on the top shelf, and another packet on the shelf below which was a little cheaper and which I took. However, being a fumble-witted creature, I dropped the packet and it fell to the shelf below where there was yet another brand which was two-thirds the price of the packet from the cheaper second shelf. Sort of tucked away where you wouldn’t notice it unless you dropped something. 🙂

Thing No. 2 – for the next 24 hours only, the Kindle version of Best Foot Forward is FREE to download from and Totally, absolutely, utterly, no-strings free. You don’t need a Kindle to read it. You can download the Kindle app and install it on any Smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. Tell your friends, family, the milkman, the neighbours, people in queues, people on buses and trains to help themselves and enjoy a jolly good read.

If you enjoy travel, France, antics and reading about two women who embarked on slightly insane adventures, you’ll like this one. 😉

Happy Christmas, everybody. 🙂


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