Au revoir for now

The blog is going into a state of suspended animation for a while.

Trying to simultaneously finish three manuscripts leaves no time to do a great deal else, nor enough creativity to write anything remotely of interest on here. However I will still be following all those other bloggers I enjoy.

I’m on Facebook if anybody would like to keep in touch there – Β press the blue button on the side-bar, and details of all my books, including those which will be published next year, are on my website: French Footprints. I’ll be keeping it updated with news and publication dates. Feel free to Stumble the site, and if anybody would like to share Stumbles, just leave a comment here and I’ll be happy to oblige. πŸ˜‰

You can also Tweet me @WAPIFARASI.

It’s a bit early, but Merry Christmas to everybody, and thank you for following me. πŸ™‚







9 thoughts on “Au revoir for now

    • Thanks, Fly, but with so many other things on the boil, plus our ridiculously slow Internet connection, I just don’t feel I can manage the blog at the moment. But that means I should have more time to read the blogs I enjoy, including yours. πŸ™‚

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