Book launch party

If you’re reading this and weren’t at the party, then I’m sorry, but you missed a wild event. 🙂

When Stephanie Zia of blackbirdebooks suggested a Facebook party to celebrate the re-launch of Best Foot Forward, I had a moment of panic, envisioning tens of thousands of feral youths turning up and trashing our house, frightening our animals, upsetting the neighbours and generally causing mayhem.

Thanks to a heavy police presence and some cunningly positioned snipers, we managed to keep at bay any undesirables, and although one or two guests did have perhaps just a little too much to drink, and one lady did molest a waiter (who it later turned out was gay and is taking us to court), all in all I think it went very well indeed.

Stephanie thoughtfully recorded the whole event, so if you were there and need a reminder of how you (mis)behaved, or if you didn’t make it and would like to see what you missed, here’s a taster: Facebook Party.

If you want to get down and dirty and see just how badly some of the guests conducted themselves, you can go here and scroll down till you reach the purple-wrapped chocolate. Then go to the thread above where there are 192 comments and watch the whole event unfold. 😀

I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun. We must do it again soon.


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