My hallucinogenic oven

I am still not completely convinced about this gadget. The only thing I have so far been able to cook 100% successfully is chicken. We are vegetarians.

In case you wonder why a vegetarian would cook chicken, the meat is for the cat, the bone for the parrot.


5 thoughts on “My hallucinogenic oven

  1. Looks like one of those gadgets I use twice and then shove to the back of a cupboard for the next decade before flogging off for 50 cents at some car boot. Does it have a name?

  2. Is it a halogen oven?
    If so it is a fantasy of Mr. Fly to own one….I have escaped twice so far only because he can’t find a pencil in time to write down the supplier’s telephone number when the advert appears.

  3. The major benefit of the halogen oven is that unlike a conventional electric oven, it uses far less electricity. It’s a large, removable glass bowl, big enough to take a whole chicken plus all the trimmings. The heat comes from the lid, and is driven by a fan. I have found that you need to learn a new art of cooking. Firstly, they are not a microwave, and will not cook foods from frozen. Secondly, all the direct heat is at the top, so things tend to burn unless you cover them with foil. The heat is instant, no waiting 20 minutes to reach 220C, so that’s a benefit. People successfully use them for baking bread and cakes, and rave about them for cooking meat. But there is as yet no “halogen oven bible”, so it does take time to find out how best to use them. You have to adapt your regular oven cooking method by lowering the temperature and increasing the time, otherwise the top is likely to be burnt before the bottom is cooked. I am getting used to mine, but it is taking time, and a great deal of trial and error. The other thing is that it’s slightly awkward removing dishes from them. We bought it as we thought it would be useful to take in the caravan. I wouldn’t use it for a casserole, as I think the slow cooker would do a better job. I cook our bread in the bread machine, and very rarely make cakes or biscuits. It will probably be good for crumbles and pies. I feel that they are most useful for cooking meat, and certainly they do an excellent job on the above-mentioned chicken legs, and also on our vegetarian sausages. Another advantage of them is that you don’t end up with a greasy oven to clean. The glass bowl is easy to clean, and there is a wash cycle on the machine, so you put in washing up liquid and water and switch it on and it virtually cleans itself. For economy, I give it 5 stars. For cooking meat, 5 stars. For anything else the jury is still out.

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