Last minute preparations

As we begin the countdown to the Facebook launch party for Best Foot Forward, I am taking an hour for a quiet lie-down before proceedings kick off. Slightly worried that the breaking news of the Kevin Katchadourian divorce after only 72 days will overshadow the event.


3 thoughts on “Last minute preparations

  1. It depends, Fly.

    Kevin Katchadourian is the Kevin of “We need to talk about Kevin,” Lionel Shriver’s best-selling book and now a smash-hit film, about the dysfunctional relationship between a mother and her son who goes on a killing spree. You might enjoy the read. It’s a slow start but once it gets going hard to put down.

    The other KK is somebody called Kim Kardashian, one of a family who are constantly featured in the Daily Wail for having accomplished something extraordinary, like buying new frocks, going to parties, or as in the case of Kim, getting married 74 days ago, and announcing yesterday that she was getting divorced. How amazing is that. 😯 My suspicion is that you would share my total lack of interest in this person who seems to fulfil no useful purpose other than columns in the Daily Wail.

    I was being deliberately ditzy above, caught up in the general hysteria surrounding our launch party. 🙂

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