Bye bye, Old Fuzzy Head

Shakshoufa is dead. Do I care how he died? No. Am I surprised at how he died? No.

The handsome, charismatic young idealist became a cruel tyrant and caused untold misery to countless people both in his own country and abroad.

He said he would die in Libya. He did. He got exactly what he deserved, and mercifully swiftly. Better for him, better for everybody.



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2 thoughts on “Bye bye, Old Fuzzy Head

  1. Interesting how the European leaders and the press shake their heads over how he met his end….a lot cleaner end than he meted out to his opponents.
    Perhaps they’re worried that it might give us ideas…

    Our Turkish builder’s brother worked in Libya for years and we heard a lot about the oppression, extortion, torture and deaths that the regime carried out.
    The fear of people in the streets when one bearing the black ribbon of the regime appeared…

    • Hypocritical reaction from world leaders. They’re all glad he’s dead. Well, I can’t speak for his good friend Tony Blair, but I think most of them will be relieved. Now they need to catch the son and shut him up before he lets some embarrassing cats out of the bag. 😉

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