Very useful piece of software

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have regained the rights for two of my books that were published by Transworld Publishers.

For one of them, by an unusual stroke of good luck, I actually found the original 3.5″ disk, as well as somebody with a computer that still had the necessary disk drive, and was able to recover the manuscript.

But I could not find a disk or saved file for the second book and was looking at either retyping it, or sending it to be scanned and converted to a digital file.

This morning I downloaded a free OCR (optical character recognition) program, not expecting a great deal of it, but have to say that it performs really well, and gives 95% accuracy. It’s going to save me a great deal of time, and a little bit of money.

The program is very easy to set up and operate, and it scans and converts a page to Word format in less than one minute.

You scan a page, click a button to convert it, click another button to remove line breaks, another button to copy the text, and then paste it into Word. It’s taken me less than two hours to convert 20% of the book.

There are some stray characters that need tidying up; but overall I think that for a free program it does an excellent job.



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