Breaking news

Next week, I shall be putting My Best Foot Forward. 🙂


12 thoughts on “Breaking news

  1. So you have downloaded the books to your PC?

    Connected your Kindle to your PC?

    Clicked on “Computer” on your PC to open a window?

    Located the downloaded book on your PC? (I set mine to download to the desktop cos that’s where they are easiest to find.)

    Clicked again on “Computer” on your PC to open a new window, and when that opens clicked on “Kindle”?

    Then clicked on the book (on your PC), and slid it across to the Kindle, into the “Documents” folder?

    • Yes, the Amazon folk are superb. It’s the best company I know for service. It’s very strange that you can see the manual and pre-loaded items, but not the books you’ve downloaded. How frustrating. Maybe they should send you an exchange?

  2. Once you get it working, I’m sure you’ll love your Kindle. In the meantime, bon courage and nil desperandum. 🙂 I would probably have jumped up and down upon it by now.

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