Apologies to all the kind people whose comments remained unacknowledged for so long. I smack myself around the face with slabs of salted cod and ask for your indulgence.

There was the trip to England for a fabulous family wedding.  There was the trip back, when I stood out from the crowd of strappy-topped, short-wearing, sandal-footed travellers, in my long suede boots, warm jumper, red velvet jacket and billowing raincoat, all in the name of dealing with two types of weather as well as defeating Ryanair’s cabin luggage restrictions.

There was the Sprodlington affair, of which more later.

Anyway, back in the saddle now, and Best Foot Forward is almost ready for digital launch by blackbirdebooks.  The new cover is fabulous and the footnotes are being beaten into submission. 🙂




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7 thoughts on “Overdue

  1. It occurs to me that one could make as super photo blog of Ryanair travellers determined to beat the luggage restrictions…I resembled a walking Big Top when travelling through Stansted.

  2. Goodness, that would have cooked my goose…which was probably about the only thing I wasn’t carrying in my poachers pockets.
    Got a long way to go to beat people of Walmart, though….still, we’re British, we’ll work on it!

  3. You and me both Susie: also just returned, after one week, from the Indian Summer in Blighty in my ‘English weather’ clothes stuffed with ‘heavies’ and surrounded on the plane by snowbirds in shorts! Good luck once again with ‘Best Foot Forward’. I’ve just started re-reading ‘The Valley etc’. Thanks for the acknowlegement.Carole x

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