Orange fail again

Just when our Internet was restored and working properly, it stopped again.

I don’t know where the no-help line person comes from, but they spoke no language I have ever heard of. After many minutes of fractured stutters, giggles and long silences, from the few minimal words I was able to disentangle from the garbling, I understand that an engineer will do something about the fault, but not before next Monday. So it looks as if we are back to where we were about one month ago.

Fail, Orange.


4 thoughts on “Orange fail again

  1. It’s my fault….it has to be…

    I made that snide remark about Orange on your ‘waiting at the church’ post and some super sensitive Orange executive took action.
    Cut off your internet and gave the help line job to an Outer Mongolian for when you called to complain.

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